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Pilates creates a firmer, stronger, leaner, longer physique. People often say that with Pilates, in 10 sessions you can start to feel a difference, in 20 sessions you can see a difference and in 30 sessions you have a whole new body. Based on consistent practice 2-3 times a week for 2-3 months, this ideal can become a reality.

The Pilates Method reshapes the body, diminishes joint & back pain, and tones the deep abdominals muscles, referred to as the core. Pilates can be done standing, on the floor, and on equipment designed by Joseph Pilates. This equipment can be viewed in detail at www.peakpilates.com. Pilates movement therapy can benefit everyone from star athletes to those recuperating from surgery, by either enhancing the quality of everyday life or by taking performance to the next level.

Joseph Pilates developed several principles that are integral to the mastery of his method. These principles are intended to help create symmetry by quieting the mind in order to focus on the body. These principles are: Concentration, Control, Core, Fluidity, Precision, and Breath.

Concentration – Imagery can be used to reconnect the muscle to its neural pathway. This feature of Pilates is referred to as the Mind Body Connection.

Control – Often, stability is required in one area of the body in order to provide mobility to another area. By maintaining the integrity, the body will benefit from each exercise.

Core – The main focus in Pilates, is the core of the body, also referred to as the "powerhouse". It includes the abdominals, low back, hips and buttocks.

Fluidity – Pilates can also be defined as "Economy of Movement." One movement begins as another one ends, flowing from strengthening to lengthening.

Precision – Precision focuses on the details integral to each movement. Mastering these details allows one to develop the Art of Pilates, where exercise stops being solely functional and becomes living art.

Breath – By combining our physical movements with our breath, we are synchronizing the body and the mind and creating a more integrated state of being.