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Allison Harter
senior instructor

Studio owner & instructor Allison Harter was first introduced to Pilates as a student in 1999.

Excited by her own advancements through Pilates, encouraged by her instructor, Allison decided to become a Certified Pilates Instructor. Allison received both her Mat and Equipment Pilates Certification, requiring a total of 450 hours of education, from All-American Pilates in Palm Beach, FL.

Since completing her certification, Allison has continued her education with CEC workshops at Long Beach Dance Conditioning, where she has been privileged to learn from Master Instructors like Marie José Blom-Lawrence.

Teaching in the Los Angeles area since 2001 and a resident of Silver Lake since 1998, Allison opened Pilates Metro to bring the craft of Pilates Body Conditioning to the people of Silver Lake, Echo Park, Atwater Village and Los Feliz.