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GYROTONIC® blends Tai Chi, Kundalini yoga, dance, and swimming moves. Yoga breathing is coordinated with movements that, like Pilates, originate in the inner core. However, unlike linear Pilates, the motions are 3-D circular, spiraling, arching, curling and undulating. Here, core stabilization is derived from oppositional movements.

The lengthening feature of GYROTONIC®, combined with the rotational movements it employs, makes it a great tool for people with scoliosis and disc herniations, by creating traction to aid in the elongation and realignment of the spine. GYROTONIC® also is used by athletes for sports–specific training purposes, such as golf, tennis, swimming, and dressage. The benefits of this training can be used as a compliment to weight training and/or cardiovascular programs for those seeking to increase their level of fitness.

The GYROTONIC® Pulley Tower Unit is a sculpted wooden tower and bench with straps and pulleys. This exotic–looking contraption can be viewed in detail at www.gyrotonic.com .

Regular sessions on the sculpted wood Pulley–Tower releases the joints, mobilizes the spine, tone the body and mind while it reconditions the nervous systems and improves circulation. GYROTONIC® is a superb sports specific training tool, an ideal adjunct to Pilates practice, and an aid to enhance free, efficient movement. GYROTONIC® promotes 3-D spiraling– energizing moves that benefit everyone, from teens to octogenarians.

Pilates Metro is one of the only studios on the east side of Los Angeles to offer GYROTONIC® instruction.